Forgive me Shag Rug Lovers…………

modern shag…but I am not a fan of Modern Shag rugs and here’s why.

The longer I work at Luv-A-Rug the more I get annoyed. I am annoyed at all the rug manufactures that make rugs out of fibers that cannot be cleaned. Some rugs once they get dirty and stained that is it they cannot be cleaned to look new and clean again.

I was looking at some rug selling websites this week and I was shocked at what they are using as fibers on some of these rugs. It looks like someone went to a craft store and bought all the fancy string, ribbon, felt, and cloth and then went and made rugs with it.

Don’t get me wrong the rugs look amazing, beautiful and modern, but they aren’t made to be walked on.

Shag rugs are not a bad rug choice when they are used properly. It would also be nice if not all shag rugs were off white, cream, or beige, at least the ones sold in Victoria BC.

I call Shag rugs the Divas of the rug world. They need to vacuumed and cleaned more often that other rugs, they are also sensitive to spills and pet urine. Plus some don’t like to be walked on.

My lack of appreciation for shag rugs may stem from the fact that even though I was born in the 70’s, I did not grow up with shag carpet in my home. Plus I am now looking at rugs from a cleaning point of view and an environmental one too.
When you are out looking for rugs think about vacuuming and cleaning it. If you don’t know how it can be vacuumed easily or how you would clean up a messy spill, you may want to keep looking for a more useable rug.

I know that in Victoria BC, because shag rugs are not expensive to buy that a lot end up getting tossed out and replaced, usually by another shag. I wrote about how we are a disposable/green society and the shag rugs I see fit right into that.

This is my plea to area rug makers to start making rugs that stand up to being used everyday and from fibers and products that last and are not harmful to humans, pets or the environment, Please!

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- healthy, beautiful rug and environment lover

HELP! The rug I love is not the right size.

It is not always easy to find the perfect rug, whether it is the right colour or right shape and size. There are ways to find the perfect rug, or you can make a rug into the perfect rug. when looking for good area rugs don’t forget about going to reputable auction houses.

In Victoria BC we have two very good auction houses where you can get a great deal on area rugs, Lund’s Auction and Kilshaw’s Auctioneer. Luv-A-Rug gets a lot of rugs brought in for cleaning and repairs that were bought at either Auction House. We had one such rug find brought to us by a lady who frequence the auctions a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t quite perfect.

Her rug is a 7×11 Turkish rug and it is not in perfect condition, but she got it for a steal of a price. The rug is a bit too big for the space where she wants to use, so Luv-A-Rug is going clean her rug and trim it down to the size that fits. Here is my video showing what we are going to do to her Turkish rug.

It is important that you know that you can have perfect rug for your home, it just may need some tweaking. Luv-A-Rug as made runners out of little 2×3 scatter mats a client bought at Capital Iron here in Victoria. We are usually only limited by the rug construction and your budget.

Now I will note that Luv-A-Rug will not do this to any old rug. We respect and care about rugs, so if you brought us a valuable rug we would refuse to cut it up, but we can always do an authentic hand repair to restore your antique rugs to a usable and lovable state.

Have you ever found the perfect rug that wasn’t quite the right size or shape? Did you buy it and get it tweaked? I would love to see how you made not so perfect rugs work in your home. Leave me a comment on what you did to make it work or send me pictures to with the subject line “How I made my rug perfect”

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- I look forward to your rugs.

The best place to find Area Rugs in Nanaimo BC

Unfortunately, since publishing this post Blumberg Rugs has closed.

If you have any questions about which type of rug works best for your home you can call Luv-A-Rug 250-590-6210/ 1-800-886-2802 or drop by 445 Beta St Victoria BC and ask us. With so many different types of rugs out there,  it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. Having a little bit of knowledge about rugs before you go shopping makes the process a lot less stressful.

When you are needing to buy and area rug and live north of the Malahat it can be a hassle trying to get to Victoria to find one. Good news is that there is hidden gem of a rug gallery in Nanaimo at Woodgrove Shopping Centre.

Blumberg Rugs Original has a great selection of hand-knotted and modern area rugs. The owner, Justin Blumberg, is very knowledgeable and trustworthy in rugs from Persian to Oriental to modern shags. He will help you choose the rug that is right for your home.

If you are not sure if the rug will work with your furnishings or if the size is correct, you can take a rug home with you and try it for 24 hours before you buy it. That way you can always be sure the rug is perfect for your home.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, helping you find the best area rugs.

When Should You Get Your Area Rugs Cleaned?

One of the most common questions Luv-A-Rug gets asked is ” How often should my rug be cleaned?” The answer is simple…

Your rugs need to be cleaned before they look dirty. No, really by the time your rug looks dirty it is really dirty. Area rugs can hide several pounds of dirt, dust and allergens before you notice that they need cleaning. A quick way to see what your rug is hiding is to turn it upside down and vacuum the back. It is also best to vacuum the back of your rugs at least once a month, this gets out a lot more dirt and you can also check for hidden moth damage at the same time.

How can you tell when it is time to get your rug cleaned? Other than when your rug gets a bad spill, pet accident, moth damage, or flood damage most rugs need to be cleaned the same time every year or two. Entrance mats and hallway runners need to be at least twice a year because they get all the dirt from outside. Rugs in a the main used room should be cleaned every year. If you have young children, pets, or allergies/sensitivities rugs should be cleaned every 9 to 12 months  to rid your rugs of the all dust and allergens.

Luv-A-Rug can just rid your rugs of the dust, allergens and loose dirt only. Our Rug badger vibrates the loose dirt and allergens out of your rug and can be done anytime. It will not remove and odours, spots or stains, but it makes your rugs healthy for your home. Cleaning is best for your rugs, but between cleanings Luv-A-Rug can vibrate out the loose dirt and allergens.

A little while back I wrote a blog about how to clean your whole house over the period of a year and getting your rugs cleaned is part of that agenda. With today’s technology we can program our lives months and years in advanced. It takes seconds to write down or type into our phones or computer to get rugs cleaned on a certain a day.

The best time to get them cleaned is when you will be away on vacation. That way you won’t miss having it in your home and if you have a house/pet sitter you won’t have to worry about it getting spilled on or being used as a bathroom by your pets while you are away.

Luv-A-Rug makes it very easy to get your rugs picked up and delivered. We can get your rugs picked up during the week or also on Saturdays. Call us at 250-590-6210/1-800-886-2802.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary-helping your rugs stay their best and healthy for you.

The King of Fringes

There are fringes and then there are Fringes. I do believe that these are the longest fringes I have ever seen on an area rug. What surprised me the most is that they are wool fringes. Usually wool fringes fray the quickest, but after chatting with the owner of the rug she spilled her secret to fringe longevity; She tucked the fringes under the area rug. That works!

I am curious as to why the weaver made the fringes so long. I just had a silly thought; The area rug was supposed to be 12 feet long but the weaver made it too short so they added really long fringes to make up the difference. I warned you it was silly. Forgive me I am sleep deprived again!! I won’t bore you with how happy that makes me feel. When you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in almost two weeks you realize that zombies really do exist. I am fast becoming a walking zombie. My roommate has been oh so happy with my moods lately . AH! The caffeine has kicked in so now I am thinking silly thoughts.

Back to area rug fringes. What would you do if you had an area rug that had 10 inch long fringes? Me? I would trim them back to around 4 inches after I took a picture of the rug with the 10 inch fringes,(my co-worker wanted me to say that I would trim them back to 9 1/2 inches to keep with the theme of silly thoughts, yeah not so much).

The fringes make this runner very unique. I enjoy Turkish area rugs because of the uniqueness that is incorporated into them. Whether it be using fluorescent accents colours, really long fringes, the unique designs or the way they weave kilims. Turkish weavers seem to be very quirky and I like quirkiness. I do apologize, I seem to be rambling and not making a lot of coherent sense. I guess the Zombifacation is getting stronger. Huh! For some reason spell check doesn’t recognize zombifacation as a real word, spell check has apparently never been in a city that has an annual Zombie Walk.
The colours on this Turkish runner compliment well, there are no accents of bright orange or pink to distract your eye away from the overall pattern. I wouldn’t mind if it did because that is what I like about Turkish area rugs as mentioned earlier. Love them or don’t, Turkish rugs are a joy to look at!
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

Rug Appreciation Morning

I cannot believe how fast the hours are fading away today. I knew that it would be a busy day for us at Luv-A-Rug due to the fact that we were closed for three days. We are normally closed on Sunday and Monday and with Tuesday being a stat. day, I had three days off in a row, yippee for me.

I am going to stray from area rugs for a moment and let you know how weird I am. Monday night I got home around midnight and was bored and needed something to do, so I decided to move the living room furniture around. The only problem was that I needed to clean the carpet first, so at 1am in the morning, on Tuesday, there I was shampooing my carpet. I love that I don’t have upstairs neighbours right now! I haven’t moved the furniture yet, but at least the carpet is cleaned.
Okay back to work. It is already 3:30 and I feel very behind in my daily routine, but I can only do so much in a day.

I am blogging today about an exciting event happening at Emmanuel’s Rug & Upholstery Cleaners on 1105 Rainier Ave So. in Seattle, WA, USA on Saturday Dec. 6 from 10am-12pm. It is called a rug appreciation morning. For those of us who have never heard of a rug appreciation morning it is an informal, but informational, gathering where people bring in their area rugs to share or find out the history of their area rug. I am hoping to attend, but it will take some planning. The guest of honour will be none other than Mr. Barry O’Connell of To be apart of this event it would be best to get there early as there is no reservations, but seating will be limited, phone 206-322-2200 for more details. The success of this rug appreciation morning may led to other such events.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

Random Rug Blogging

I got inspired by last blog about rug blogging. I did a search using ‘rug blog’ and I couldn’t find my blog, so I tried ‘area rug blog’ and I was on the fifth page which was disappointing and it was yesterday’s blog that popped up. I decided to self promote my area rug blog today. My rug blog jumps from page one to page three depending on the search words used and the day.

I read other rug blogs and most of them are written from the technical view of rugs and rug cleaning, I do not come from a technical background in rug cleaning or weaving so mine is more personal and raw. Raw is a great way to describe my rug blog. My boss gave me no instructions on what to write or how to write my area rug blog. He wanted to see what I would do with it. He likes how I write it and gives me suggestions and tips as needed. The hardest part about writing a blog is time. It sometime takes me any where from several hours to days to finish a blog, but clients come first.

The other day I am coming into work and I noticed a bit of a usual sight. Located in the window sill next to our door was a seashell. A bit odd since we aren’t near any place that would have seashells. I took the opportunity to snap a picture of it. Yes I am a strange one, but I appreciate the little things. Speaking of little things

I am also including pictures of my much-loved Chihuahua, Texas and Jack Russell, Daisy. Whenever I have a bad day as soon as I enter my home they come and greet me with wagging tails and kisses. How can that not make your day better when you know that you have been missed and are loved.

I know that some people reading this think I am insane for owning two dogs that are known to be hyper and yappy, but I assure you that my dogs are very well-trained and calm. They both spend most of their days sleeping and don’t think about disturbing them, unless it involves the park, a ball, or food. I do not allow the dogs into the kitchen when I am cooking, so Texas will lay at the ‘boundary line’ and watch me very intently.
  He sees everything that falls to the floor and when I give the okay he runs in to clean it up. Daisy is very smart sometimes too smart and loves to cuddle and take Saturday afternoon naps. I love both of my dogs very much and couldn’t image my life without them. Since getting Texas in October 2007 Daisy has become demanding.

When Texas wants to get petted he pushes his head under your hand, Daisy has started to that now too. She has picked up on his questionable habits, whereas Texas has only picked up a few of her good habits. They get along very well. We were a little concerned at first because Daisy was an only dog for 5 years, but we were worried for no reason. It is kinda funny that I have 2 dogs since I was always a cat person, but that was before until Daisy and Texas.


They have such strong and unique personalities you can’t help but love them. I still have a cat, but she is very independent and doesn’t cuddle much, only in the winter when she is cold or feel that you need more hair on your clothes.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary