RugloverMary has Found the Elusive Live Cothes Moth

It was an exciting day for me, not so much for a wool tufted rug. Around 3pm June 30th Luv-A-Rug received a phone call inquiring where we were located and the best way to get here from downtown Victoria. She didn’t say much about her rug and why it needed to be cleaned, just that we would know when we saw it.

Yes it was vague, but clients can be embarrassed by pet accidents and such, so we don’t judge. We understand that rugs get dirty. It isn’t very often that we get surprised by a mess on rugs, we have pretty much seen everything.

An hour and a half later a lovely lady came in to our office on 445 Beta St and said she had a rug for cleaning and she was the one who had called a little while ago. I, RugloverMary) went out to her car with her and brought the rug in. She had a 5’x8′ wool hand tufted rug that got wet by flooding and they rolled it up and dealt with the other damage first. A few months later she decided to use the rug again, but it needed to be cleaned first.

The first thing I noticed was a clothes moth casing on the back of the rug. This didn’t surprise me since the rug was stored improperly. The one casing turned into many, many clothes moth casing. I didn’t think there were any that were still alive, but since I had disturbed them by unrolling the rug they were not moving. I was showing her the casings and the damage they had caused when one of the casing moved, then another and then more.

Woo Hoo! We had a rug with actual live moth larva on it. She had decided it wasn’t worth getting it cleaned, moth treated and flood repaired, one whole side was crunchy and wrinkled, and asked if we could get rid of it for her. I told her yes and asked her if I could blog about her rug since it wasn’t very often we got to see live larva.

She gave me a funny look and said, “You really want this rug don’t you?” YES! I told her I was excited about seeing the live larva and it would make a good blog. What can I say I get excited over moth larva.
Here is the video of Live Clothes Moth Larva Eating a Wool Rug

Please I beg of you when you have a rug you no longer want to use or if it gets wet from flooding or a burst water tank get it professionally cleaned right away. The longer you wait the more damage that can happen and the more tasty your rug looks to moths.

In Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands call Luv-A-Rug at 250-590-6210/1-800-886-2802 and we can clean your rugs and wrap them properly for storage.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, wool moth teacher

Flooding, Bursting Water Pipes and Area Rugs

For the last 5 days we have been experiencing cold temperatures here in Victoria, BC and it has not been nice. The snow has been pretty to look at, but the minus (Celsius degree) temperatures have not been not been.

My photo doesn’t show the snow very well, but the little dark spots is the snow. The sun is shining and it all looks like a regular day, but it is snowing!

Traveling in the city has been interesting for everyone, since no one has winter tires and there aren’t any snow plows in Victoria. I did see a truck with a plow on the front of it today, but it belonged to a private company not the city.

The week of winter we have been having hasn’t been too good for our cleaning plant. The water pipes have frozen up a few times which has prompted us to issue a press release on the topic. Here is it:

Cold Snaps, Bursting Pipes & How to Save Your Precious Area Rugs

It Happens every time the weather outside plunges below zero; Poorly insulated water pipes in attics, crawl spaces and basements freeze up, thaw and then burst causing water to pour out all over a home owner’s precious area rugs.

“The first thing you need to do”, says Stephen Dusty Roberts of Luv-A-Rug Services, Victoria’s Premier area rug cleaning company, “is shut off the main water valve in your house. That single step alone will do more to save your home than anything else.”

The second thing is to wait until the pipes have thawed out then CAREFULLY and slowly turn the water back on and watch for leaks. If any leaks are observed, quickly turn the water off and call your plumber and a 24 hour restoration company like SaniTECH Services right away. Companies like SaniTECH specialize in water damage recovery and restoration. The sooner you call them the fewer problems you are going to have such as toxic mold.

When it comes to your area rugs, the best thing to do if they get soaked from a burst pipe is to roll them up and put them out in the freezing cold.
“The worst thing a rug owner can do”, says Roberts, ” is trying to dry the rug out themselves. If it isn’t decontaminated and dried very quickly an area rug will become a health hazard and be ruined.”

“By rolling up the rug and putting it outside in the cold, the freezing temperatures will actually preserve your rug and keep it from getting more damaged. Then give us a call here at Luv-A-Rug and we will pick it up and restore it to a like new condition for you.”

If your area rugs have experienced any kind of flooding, contamination or just needs to be cleaned, Luv-A-Rug’s professional in-plant area rug cleaning facility can save your rugs. Call 250-590-6210 or visit them at their location: 445 Beta St Victoria BC

Hopefully this will help homeowners out in a trying time. I think I should remind everyone who is not going to be home for the holiday’s that they should get someone to watch the house while they are away.

That is usually when things like this happen. A few years ago I was house sitting for my friends it saved their cat. He was in the neighbors garage and decided that it was a good idea to jump in container of car oil. He did not enjoy his many baths that day.

Plus check the fine print of your insurance. Some carriers may say that if your home is vacant for more than 5 consecutive days they don’t have to honour your insurance.

It is always best to plan for the worse, but not worry about the worse

Thanks for reading RugloverMary

….but it is just a Rug!

Some days the call volume I answer varies from 15-40 calls a day. Most calls are people wanting to know how much to clean their area rug. It seems like a simple question, but we had to go and make it complicated. Luv-A-Rug pricing for area rug cleaning is based on the type of area rug to be cleaned. First we need to know what type of fiber the rug is made with ie. wool, synthetic, cotton, jute, then we need to know the size and finally we try to determine how the rug is constructed. This is the tricky part because when we buy rugs we usually buy based on colours, size and price, not always there are people who have area rug knowledge.

I am writing today to help you become rug educated. The blog/website of Rug Rag has just the tools and information to help you know a little bit more about the area rug you love so much.

Last Saturday I had the honour of having dinner with Barry O’Connell, who is the human encyclopedia of rug knowledge. His website has very in-depth information about rugs. It isn’t for the novice, but it is a great source to expand your area rug knowledge, just try not to get overwhelmed and lost in the expanse of the information he writes.
The rainy season has started today with a determination. It started raining last night and hasn’t stopped. I wasn’t quite a drowned rat, but I felt like it.

This means that in the next week Luv-A-Rug may see some area rugs that also look like a drowned rat. You would think that with it being known that Victoria gets a lot of rain and flooding occurs that houses would be built differently, but that doesn’t seem to be a concern for builders.

Anyway, off topic…back to area rugs. I sometimes get sad when I see an area rug that got flooded. It reminds me of a stuffed toy that got left outside and got rained on. Silly I know, but when you think about it there are similarities. The rug didn’t choose to be the victim of water, neither did the toy, the texture of each gets a crusty feeling, you can feel like there isn’t anything that can be done to save either. I know that there can be something done for the area rug and so does my boss.

He was in New Orleans just after the hurricane and he helped gather up rugs people were throwing out because they didn’t think anything could be done. He made a lot of people very happy when he told them that they could be saved. Victoria flooding is much milder than that of a hurricane, Luv-A-Rug can help you love your area rug again after it gets an unexpected bath. Call us at 250-475-3922 or bring in your area rugs to 445 Beta St Victoria BC
Thanks for reading RugloverMary

It has Started, Bring on the Rains

I felt a tingling of Spring the other day. It was short-lived, but I started to dream of summer and wearing only one layer of clothing. Everyone thinks that living on the west coast and having very little to no snow makes us spoiled. I would like to point out that just because we live on the pacific ocean we do not get to frolic around in shorts and bikinis. The dampness our edge of the world gets just as bad as -30 below, I know this because when I went to Edmonton in January I wasn’t half as cold there as I am here.

The shop has been busy this week with Spring cleaners slowly coming out of hibernation. Soon those April showers will emerge and the flooding will commence bring with it many wet wool area rugs. Wool is very resilient against over wetting, unfortunately the dyes are not. We have a very unhappy Belgium area rug in our drying room that ended up getting flooded by the nastiest kind of water. It would cost more to correct the colour bleed than the area rug is worth. The owner is not pleased, but it gives them a chance to start anew with a different area rug

Spring cleaning isn’t limited to just the home or office, it seems that websites also can get spring clean fever as well. I am not happy with the way our home page looks on, so in the next week or so it will get a dusting and some rearranging. Hope everyone will like the new update.

Luv-A-Rug seems to have an area rug theme days/weeks. Last week it was Chinese area rug week. It seemed as if every second rug to come in for cleaning was Chinese hand-knotted. I love the deep blue they use in some Chinese area rugs. We once had a 9×12 royal blue Chinese rug. I loved it. There was no other colour, just a very deep royal blue and a small floral pattern was craved in the four corners. I did wonder what the room it dwelled in looked like. I pictured white walls with lots of windows and dark wood furniture and crisp white curtains. If you own a very dark rug please tell me what the decor is in the room. If life could be rewound I probably would have tried my hands in decorating instead of customer service, in a another life time maybe.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary