I am F.I.N.E., Thanks for not asking

I am an open book. Most people can tell that I am insecure, have low self-confidence and what mood I am in. I try really hard to not let it show at work, especially with clients. I have tried to keep this Blog all about rugs and work related, but this week has not gone well for me, personally nor professionally.
I was asked by my boss to start a blog to increase Luv-A-Rug’s web presence. I am not a rug expert, a wool expert, nor any kind of expert in this field. I write from my daily experiences and the knowledge I gain through reading, research and from my boss. If I write something that you may not like or that you know is untrue please leave me a comment. We cannot learn and grow if we are not corrected or challenged. Remember, also, that we all have our own opinions.

On that note I challenge the Canucks to win. Although watching them play gives me an outlet to channel my frustrations, plus a remote to change the channel!
We have had a lot of rugs come in for edge repair lately. Most of them have been machine repair either with a carpet binding or a serge. I do prefer machine-made, Chinese, British India and Pakistan Bokhara rugs without fringes. They have a much cleaner look to them and the cotton fringe doesn’t make the rug look old and worn out.
Now that I have said that I don’t like fringes I just had a lady come in and want cotton fringes put on her machine-made rug. She will be happy with a double knotted cotton fringe and I am happy that we made her happy.

I had a brain storm this morning as I am biking into work. My brilliant idea is that every two weeks we should get a three-day weekend. Now that doesn’t have to be Friday to Monday, any three days in a row would do. We do not have enough time in our lives to get the little things done. It is amazing how relaxed I feel when I have crossed off one of those little annoying things off my mental to-do list.
I would love for someone to do a survey asking peopleĀ if they:
-could afford to work a 4 day work week would they?
-would they work 10-12 hours a day instead of 8 so they could have a 4 day work week?

I know that I would do both if I could, what would you do?
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

The Bokhara Rug

I have decided to write about the Pakistan Bokhara ( boo-car-ah) rug today since we have a few in our shop. When I went around on my little Victoria rug gallery tour I got to feel a new deep red Bokhara rug. I do not get to see many new rugs at Luv-A-Rug, I get to see the rugs when they re not at their best.

The history of the Pakistan Bokhara rug is short because Pakistan became a country in 1947 and rug making started around the same time. That means there are no antique Pakistan rugs as of yet, we still have to wait another 40+ years. The Bokhara rug was named after a trading town from the days of the Silk Route. They are made with a combination a Pakistan and New Zealand wool and woven on a cotton foundation. A 4×6 foot rug may take a weaver 5 months to make. The repetitive design was inspired by the Turkoman Gul design. The design used by Pakistan is commonly referred to as elephant foot motif.
As beautiful as the Bokhara rugs are there are some distinct characteristics. When the rugs are woven there could be several different ones on each loom. When they are finished they are cut and the sides are wrapped. Over time, with walking and vacuuming, the side wrap can pull away from the rug. Luv-A-Rug does several of these repairs a month on Bokhara rugs. We suggest to our clients that they get the sides rewrapped, or Serged.

Side wrap pulling away from the rug.

The corner fraying by vacuuming.

A new serged edge.

The dyes can sometimes be unstable and bleed if improperly washed. Neither of these traits should turn you away from loving a Pakistan Bokhara rug. They are not traits of every rug and when properly taken care of are of little concern. Bokhara’s come in a variety of wonderful colours including reds, rust,brown, many shades of blues, and greens.
The Bokhara rug will always be in my top five favorite rugs, mostly because they were one of the first rugs I could identify on my own when I started working at Luv-A-Rug.
Thank for reading, RugloverMary.