HELP! My new rug doesn’t look so new

Latex on back of hand tufted rug

A couple of weeks ago Luv-A-Rug receives an e-mail from a lady in Victoria, BC about her rug that she bought on the Internet. She included a couple of photos of her issue with it. The back cotton binding was not completely glued down so someone just slapped on some latex glue and didn’t make it look professional or pretty.

Now you may be thinking that it is the back of the rug, who should care about that. Let me ask you this: if you just bought a new rug would you want to have it looking like that straight from store? The online store she bought it from was not the place that shipped it. When she called the store and told them about the issue, they were not impressed either. They called the shipper/manufacturer and told them that they had shipped an imperfect rug.

The rug owner is hoping the rug manufacturer will pay for the whole repair and not just part of it, since it was their issue to begin with. This is an easy fix for Luv-A-Rug to do. We can just use proper latex glue to re-attach the back binding.

Back edge lifting off from rug

Here is the rug unrolled a bit and you can see the back binding is lifting from the rug. This is not just in this one spot, it is all around the edging on the back. Plus you can also see that the cotton backing on the rug is rippling. Sometimes the backing can be pulled off the rug and replaced, but it can be more than the owner is willingly to invest.

Luv-A-Rug is not a fan of this type of construction because of the lack of quality control by the manufacturers. Some hand tufted rugs have a foul odour, which is permanent, the wool sheds excessively, and the latex glue holding the rug together breaks down and causes white dust to fall out.

I wrote an article about hand tufted rugs on our website. The biggest reason why I don’t like these rugs is they walk a very grey line by calling them hand-made which gets confused with hand-knotted. Not all hand tufted rugs have issues, just enough of them do to give them a bad reputation. If you smell the rug first and test to make sure it doesn’t shed excessively you can enjoy a hand tufted rugs for years. Unfortunately there isn’t anything that can be done once it starts shedding the white dust.

Another thing you may be asking is why didn’t she just send the rug back and buy a another one. The answer is simple, she likes the rug and it took her a long time to find the right colours and size. This happens a lot when you need a rug a certain size and has particular colours or design.You may have to invest in repairs because you cannot replace the rug. Last week we had our hand repair lady fix a tufted rug because the wool had fallen out in little clumps. She had bought the rug here in Victoria last year and when she went back to re-order the same rug, she got an unpleasant surprise.

The rug she owns is not made any more and there is nothing that had the same colours. Since she had decorated around the rug it is not an option to replace it. This is why people put up with imperfections, and pay for repairs and work around them because when you find the perfect rug it is not always replaceable.

When you are looking to buy a new rug in Victoria, BC call us at Luv-A-Rug 250-590-6210/ 800-886-2802, and we can give you a list of reputable rug galleries we trust. Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- rug repair knowledgeable

Forgive me Shag Rug Lovers…………

modern shag…but I am not a fan of Modern Shag rugs and here’s why.

The longer I work at Luv-A-Rug the more I get annoyed. I am annoyed at all the rug manufactures that make rugs out of fibers that cannot be cleaned. Some rugs once they get dirty and stained that is it they cannot be cleaned to look new and clean again.

I was looking at some rug selling websites this week and I was shocked at what they are using as fibers on some of these rugs. It looks like someone went to a craft store and bought all the fancy string, ribbon, felt, and cloth and then went and made rugs with it.

Don’t get me wrong the rugs look amazing, beautiful and modern, but they aren’t made to be walked on.

Shag rugs are not a bad rug choice when they are used properly. It would also be nice if not all shag rugs were off white, cream, or beige, at least the ones sold in Victoria BC.

I call Shag rugs the Divas of the rug world. They need to vacuumed and cleaned more often that other rugs, they are also sensitive to spills and pet urine. Plus some don’t like to be walked on.

My lack of appreciation for shag rugs may stem from the fact that even though I was born in the 70’s, I did not grow up with shag carpet in my home. Plus I am now looking at rugs from a cleaning point of view and an environmental one too.
When you are out looking for rugs think about vacuuming and cleaning it. If you don’t know how it can be vacuumed easily or how you would clean up a messy spill, you may want to keep looking for a more useable rug.

I know that in Victoria BC, because shag rugs are not expensive to buy that a lot end up getting tossed out and replaced, usually by another shag. I wrote about how we are a disposable/green society and the shag rugs I see fit right into that.

This is my plea to area rug makers to start making rugs that stand up to being used everyday and from fibers and products that last and are not harmful to humans, pets or the environment, Please!

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- healthy, beautiful rug and environment lover

Social media, referrals, and friends should be worldwide

When you start expanding your online presence, either with Facebook, online directories, blogs, or any other social media don’t just do local ones. Having friends and links to websites in other cities, provinces/states and other countries.

You maybe asking why would this be important since you are a localized company. Well Luv-A-Rug just had a phone call from a lady here in Victoria BC and she found us through a company in England. She has these amazing bags that she bought in the 1970’s here in Victoria and they became victims of moths a year ago.

I am hoping that once we see the bags that we can repair them or at least stabilize them and then clean them. It is sad to hear when beloved items are eaten by moths. This lady was gone one month and that is all it took for moth larva to do a lot of damage.

Now if we had not made connections to other companies she may never have found us, even though we are in the same city. Expand your network so that you can be found no matter where what your business is. I have received e-mails and inquiries from people all over the world asking for my expertise about area rugs. From the Netherlands I had a guy asking me about a rug his parents were given. He wanted to know if it was worth keeping or if they should sell it. It was a Chinese hand-knotted rug with dragons on it.

Just because you don’t live or do business everywhere doesn’t mean that you cannot still be the expert/specialist that everyone turns to for advice.

Where is the furthest that someone contacted you for your expertise? Share your story in the comments.

Thanks for reading RugloverMary, area rug specialist in Victoria BC

HELP! The rug I love is not the right size.

It is not always easy to find the perfect rug, whether it is the right colour or right shape and size. There are ways to find the perfect rug, or you can make a rug into the perfect rug. when looking for good area rugs don’t forget about going to reputable auction houses.

In Victoria BC we have two very good auction houses where you can get a great deal on area rugs, Lund’s Auction and Kilshaw’s Auctioneer. Luv-A-Rug gets a lot of rugs brought in for cleaning and repairs that were bought at either Auction House. We had one such rug find brought to us by a lady who frequence the auctions a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t quite perfect.

Her rug is a 7×11 Turkish rug and it is not in perfect condition, but she got it for a steal of a price. The rug is a bit too big for the space where she wants to use, so Luv-A-Rug is going clean her rug and trim it down to the size that fits. Here is my video showing what we are going to do to her Turkish rug.

It is important that you know that you can have perfect rug for your home, it just may need some tweaking. Luv-A-Rug as made runners out of little 2×3 scatter mats a client bought at Capital Iron here in Victoria. We are usually only limited by the rug construction and your budget.

Now I will note that Luv-A-Rug will not do this to any old rug. We respect and care about rugs, so if you brought us a valuable rug we would refuse to cut it up, but we can always do an authentic hand repair to restore your antique rugs to a usable and lovable state.

Have you ever found the perfect rug that wasn’t quite the right size or shape? Did you buy it and get it tweaked? I would love to see how you made not so perfect rugs work in your home. Leave me a comment on what you did to make it work or send me pictures to with the subject line “How I made my rug perfect”

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- I look forward to your rugs.

When Should You Get Your Area Rugs Cleaned?

One of the most common questions Luv-A-Rug gets asked is ” How often should my rug be cleaned?” The answer is simple…

Your rugs need to be cleaned before they look dirty. No, really by the time your rug looks dirty it is really dirty. Area rugs can hide several pounds of dirt, dust and allergens before you notice that they need cleaning. A quick way to see what your rug is hiding is to turn it upside down and vacuum the back. It is also best to vacuum the back of your rugs at least once a month, this gets out a lot more dirt and you can also check for hidden moth damage at the same time.

How can you tell when it is time to get your rug cleaned? Other than when your rug gets a bad spill, pet accident, moth damage, or flood damage most rugs need to be cleaned the same time every year or two. Entrance mats and hallway runners need to be at least twice a year because they get all the dirt from outside. Rugs in a the main used room should be cleaned every year. If you have young children, pets, or allergies/sensitivities rugs should be cleaned every 9 to 12 months  to rid your rugs of the all dust and allergens.

Luv-A-Rug can just rid your rugs of the dust, allergens and loose dirt only. Our Rug badger vibrates the loose dirt and allergens out of your rug and can be done anytime. It will not remove and odours, spots or stains, but it makes your rugs healthy for your home. Cleaning is best for your rugs, but between cleanings Luv-A-Rug can vibrate out the loose dirt and allergens.

A little while back I wrote a blog about how to clean your whole house over the period of a year and getting your rugs cleaned is part of that agenda. With today’s technology we can program our lives months and years in advanced. It takes seconds to write down or type into our phones or computer to get rugs cleaned on a certain a day.

The best time to get them cleaned is when you will be away on vacation. That way you won’t miss having it in your home and if you have a house/pet sitter you won’t have to worry about it getting spilled on or being used as a bathroom by your pets while you are away.

Luv-A-Rug makes it very easy to get your rugs picked up and delivered. We can get your rugs picked up during the week or also on Saturdays. Call us at 250-590-6210/1-800-886-2802.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary-helping your rugs stay their best and healthy for you.

Chinese wool area rug inquiry from the Netherlands

I am still amazed at how far and wide my blog reaches. In August I received this e-mail from R. in the Netherlands (names have been removed for privacy). I am honored that people ask me for my professional opinion and knowledge.a bout rugs.

Hello Mary.
I was searching for info for an I think Chinese rug with dragons and came on your blog. I think you know a lot about these kinds of rugs so that is why I send you this mail. My parents became hold of this rug from a friend who has had it for a long time. We don’t know if they bought it new or second-hand. The rug is a bit dirty with some spots that are difficult to clean we think.

Do you think it is worth to clean this rug or maybe we should try to sell it.

The rug is about 4.3 meters x 3.0 meters ( 6×9 feet) and weighs 60 or 70 kilo, I think. (to lift it we needed at least 2 adults)

Hopefully you can tell me a little more about this rug.

With kind regards,
 Rosmalen, The Netherlands

Here is my response to their e-mail:

Hello R., wow thanks for reading my blog. It is always nice to know that my blog reaches world-wide. Honestly R., any rug that you love and have a use for is always worth getting clean. I view rugs as a work of art more so than a floor covering. They make me feel good when I see and use them.

Five Clawed Chinese Dragon rug

This is a gorgeous Chinese rug. I love the dragons; they are fighting one another which is a typical Chinese usage of dragons. In my opinion the Chinese were the best at making the best blue in their rugs. I like that the dragon’s have 5 claws too, that is rare to see over here in Canada, especially Victoria. Most Chinese rugs with dragons have only 4 claws. (5 clawed dragons used to be only woven for royalty)

Chinese rugs are sensitive to spills, spot cleaners, improper cleaning and pet accidents, so they tend to stain easily. I am not sure if the spots on your rug would disappear or not. There looks to be some fading along the sides too. There are also some areas where the pile is worn down from use.

The rug would look a lot better if the fringes were removed and a serged edging sewn on. The fringes are very dingy and worn out.

Here is my video on how to tell if you will like your rug without fringes

I do hope that you have a use for this rug or if you do end up selling it that the new owners love it as much as I do. Thanks Mary.

They responded back that they really had no use for the rug due to the size, so they were going to try to sell it. I was hoping that they loved the rug enough to keep it, but we can’t keep every rug we get.

If you have a rug that you want me to write about e-mail me your story and pictures of the front and back. I love learning the personal history of rugs it makes them just that much more special. E-mail me at

Thanks for reading and sharing, RugloverMary

>Customer Service is about Service- A Shag Rug Story

>At about 2:20pm, June 2nd 2011, a lady came into Luv-A-Rug carrying her rolled up shag rug. I greeted her and told her that she had a great coloured shag. It was a charcoal grey and cream polypropylene shag rug that she bought from Scan Design in Millstream Village.

She said that her rug was new and it had a small yellow spot from where her friend had dropped a hotdog with ketchup and mustard on it. She wanted to know if we could just spot clean the area. it was  a small 3 inch circle of yellow and it smelled like mustard, ketchup and hot dog juice.

With it being a quiet day I said that I would try just using our own spot cleaner and see what would come off ,if she had the time. She said yes she did, so I sat down and started spot cleaning the area.

As I was doing it I explained to her that whenever she had to clean up a spot on her shag  you always have to wipe from the bottom of the fibers to the top as to not cause the pile to untwist and distort.

We sat there on her shag and had a good discussion about her shag, Scan Design and coffee tables, as she had ordered one from Scan design to go with her rug, and that is where I got my lovely dark walnut coffee table too. I had also found 30 cents and 3 bobby pins in her shag and I explained the best way to care for her shag.

I said that Shags needed to be vacuumed and cleaned more often that regular pile rugs and once a month she should turn her rug upside and vacuum the back. Here is a video I did showing the best way to vacuum a shag rug.

I spent about 10-15 minutes sitting there chatting and cleaning the mustard off each individual fiber. With a shag that is how you remove spots and spills is to WIPE EACH FIBER FROM BOTTOM TO TOP. When you wipe against the fibers you are spreading the spill further and it makes the fibers fray open and not lay right.

I succeeded in removing at least 90% of all the yellow mustard from her rug and made it almost invisible when you looked at the rug. I had good success because the rug was a synthetic fiber, she did not try to remove the spot herself and she got the rug to us the next day after it happened.

The client was thrilled that I could get the spot out and explained how to take care of her shag. She was also happy that I wouldn’t charge her for me doing it. It was such a little thing to do and took no time to do it that I didn’t feel right asking her to pay. She also said that when she did need her rug cleaned that she would be bringing back to Luv-A-Rug. That is the best compliment ever!

She asked the best spot cleaner to use and my answer was water and a white cotton towel. Vinegar is good for urine, salt is good for red wine same with dry oats for wet spills, baking soda is BAD! as a spot cleaner for rugs. Adding anything else just makes a layered sandwich and can make a spot into a permanent stain.

Next time you get a food spill on your rug don’t rub deeper into the rug. Wipe in the direction of the fibers in straight lines, blot, and if possible keep the area damp until you can get the rug in for cleaning.

Here’s to spot free area rugs, RugloverMary